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desmond swords

Hi. I have just set up a number of blogs last week. I am a poet living in Dublin and here are some links.


I have good satirical ability and would direct you to the manzwotz and scalljah/slobby bob blogs. I came to you a few minutes ago after chancing across the guardian/observer blog and leaving this message.


I have just started the blogs and can basically write daft satire all day long and I am also a serious poet who can hold is own with the top table crew. Click the link to see my dual with fellow poet mark granier at the poem.uk site, which is run by Ed Barker and has a hard core of Roddy Lumsden, Steven Waling and a few others.

I completed a writing and drama degree last june (Lancaster 2.1) and then moved to Dublin to become a full time poet and it has gone better than I could have hoped.


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