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LG's TV dinners

lg_tv_fridge.jpg We've had the Internet Fridge and all the hype surrounding it. Now for something a bit more practical (at least for most of us): the TV fridge.

New from LG is a side by side refrigerator (the snappily titled GR-G217BTBA) which incorporates a 4:3 shaped 13inch LCD screen within the external Titanium door finish.

Entertainment features include built in speakers and an FM radio tuner while the fridge itself features LG's Icebeam Door Cooling System for temperature control and a Magic Crisper to control moisture levels inside the fridge. An LCD electronic display shows temperatures inside both the fridge and the freezer.

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nice job...just keep on doing things like this

Posted by: blerina | Nov 5, 2004 7:33:27 AM

send lg tv models and details price ~13000~16000

Posted by: abhi | Jul 9, 2004 2:52:52 PM

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