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The iPod car


smart is claiming to be the first car manufacturer to offer an integrated iPod playback and charging station in a car.

Those who fancy buying a motor to match their music player can check out the limited edition smart fortwo i-move that comes with a 20-gig iPod as standard as well as the mount for connecting the player up.

You’ll have to move fast if you want one though for only seventy models have been made and they go on sale in May priced at around £12,500.

A similar kit for smart's roadster and fortwo models will go on sale later this year.

Can’t imagine that smart will be the last manufacturer to offer iPod charging/storage in a UK car. It is not such an issue for Americans as they can use FM transmitters made by companies like Belkin to send signals from their player wirelessly to the car stereo’s radio. These are illegal in the UK and most of Europe.

Incidentally the smart fortwo I-move features 16inch alloy wheel, heated leather seats, and an upgraded sound system.

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iMove? - Go on then!

Posted by: woody | Apr 20, 2004 9:45:15 PM

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