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Napster takes on iTunes

Napster’s brought its prices into line with Apple’s iTunes store, which of course has nothing to do with the fact that Apple’s been getting a small amount of press recently for a piffling little flash player. The official line is that it’s in response to record sales for Napster over the Christmas period. All tracks in the Napster catalogue are now 20% cheaper, costing 79p a track (same as iTunes) and £7.95 an album (4p cheaper). The new pricing structure will be in place from today (12th January) but only for subscribers and pre-pay card or voucher users. Non-subscribers will see the price drop in the next few days. Other price drops are happening on bulk purchases. Napster Track Packs are now £33.99 for 50 (68p a track), £17.99 for 25 (72p a track) and £10.99 for 15 (73p a track).

Napster’s releasing its Napster To Go service in the next few months as well. The service is a neat idea that lets you listen to any of the 1 million tracks in the Napster store and transfer them onto compatible MP3 players, for a set monthly fee (yet to actually be set by the sounds of things.)


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