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Windsave turbine

WindsaveNot, as it sounds, a contraption for saving up personal gaseous emissions, but a small wind turbine that you can attach to the side of your house or stick at the bottom of the garden on a stand. The Windsave offers the benefit of making you feel all smug and good about your clean and renewable energy source, whilst also allowing you to feel all smug and good about the amount of money you're saving. The manufacturers estimate that the turbine will have paid for itself within 5 years (and shorter than that if the government agrees to provide grants as they hope) and it could save you up to 33% of your electricity costs each year. The turbine costs £995 plus 5% VAT and installation costs.


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I am wondering is it noisey, is it suitable in a built up area?

Posted by: RPG | Oct 13, 2006 12:13:29 AM

very interested in having a wind turbine for a domestic 4 bed property but could not find any companies that either produced or could give advice !! Can you please point me in the right direction ??? Thanks. Ian

Posted by: Ian Macdonald | Aug 26, 2006 5:07:40 PM

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