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Dial M for monster mobile

PhobileHere's one that brought a smile to our faces on a dreary Friday afternoon in London. It's called the Phobile and is an old fashioned type handset for your state of the art mobile phone. Just imagine people's faces as you pull this out of your bag and say in your best ultra-loud Dom Joly type voice 'I'm on the phone'. Certainly beats those stoopid Bluetooth headsets that people wear to make themselves feel important. Whatever next? Chopper seats for your mountain bike or 1970s style Walkman covers for your iPod - oh sorry that one has already been done.

The phobile will cost £29.95 and is available for pre-order now (it launches at the end of March). It works with most Motorola handsets and will also be available with adaptors for Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson models.


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